Venticell ECO & EVO

Patented Forced Air Convection Ovens

VENTICELL® dry heat ovens utilize a patented forced air convection system to move air vertically and horizontally within the chamber for precise temperature uniformity.  The Fuzzy Logic enabled digital controller ensures repeatable cycles and precise temperature control without overshooting the set point. VENTICELL® dry heat ovens are ideal for sterilizing glassware and devices, drying wet media, and testing material durability.

Standard Model Specifications

Heat Technology:
Patented Forced Air Convection System
Chamber Volumes:
22 (0.8 ft³) • 55 (2 ft³) • 111 (4 ft³) • 222 (8 ft³) • 404 (14.3 ft³) • 707 (25 ft³) • 1212 (43 ft³)
Temperature Range:
10°C above ambient up to 250°C (300°C max temp. option available)
Chamber Construction:
AISI 304 Stainless Steel, Seamless with Rounded Corners
Control System:
Fuzzy Logic enabled ECO digital controller or upgraded EVO advanced digital controller
Electrical Data:
230V 60Hz
Regulatory Labels:
CE, UL, CSA listed

Clean Room Model

2-Door Pass-Through Models include all features from standard Venticell models with the following additions:
2-Door Pass-Through Chamber Volumes:
222 (8 ft³) • 404 (14.3 ft³)
Sterilization Cycle:
Preset hot air sterilization cycle
  • HEPA Filters
  • Particle-free modification to prevent contamination
Control System Additions:
  • Clean-side controller interface
  • Over-pressure modification with digital or analog gauge over pressure readout
Exterior Additions:
  • AISI 304 Stainless steel exterior
  • Door locks