Natural Gravity Convection - Microbiological Incubator


  • Testing and growth of bacteria cultures and microorganisms
  • Simulated testing conditions for food product storage, packaging, and transport
  • Testing in animal and veterinary labs or clinics, and insect and organism research
  • BOD water studies – microogranisms, aerobic bacteria, and oxidization of organic matter


INCUCELL® natural gravity convection incubators produce no noise or vibration while providing soft air movement and exceptional temperature uniformity. The gentle air-flow greatly reduces particle movement inside the chamber and makes INCUCELL® incubators ideal for the safe treatment of microbiological cultures.

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INCUCELL Natural Gravity Convection Incubators

Chamber Sizes & Construction

Natural gravity convection produces no noise or vibration and provides gentle air flow inside the chamber.

INCUCELL Chamber Sizes

  • 22 (0.8 ft³)
  • 55 (2 ft³)
  • 111 (4 ft³)
  • 222 (8 ft³)
  • 404 (14.3 ft³)
  • 707 (25 ft³)
  • 1212 (25 ft³)

Chamber Construction

INCUCELL® incubators are equipped with a pharmaceutical grade AISI 304 stainless steel chamber with a double wall construction to prolong life expectancy. The inner chamber features a seamless, rounded corner design and is fully removable for easier cleaning and sterilization. The door of the chamber employs a patented 4-point closing system that seals the door to the chamber gasket and enables hands-free opening and closing.
  • AISI 304 stainless steel chamber – 316L stainless steel option available
  • Double wall chamber construction with 5 layers of insulation for more uniform internal chamber conditions
  • Inner glass door
  • Removeable inner chamber with seamless, rounded corner design for easier cleaning & sterilization
  • 4-point closing system that seals the door to the chamber gasket – automatic or key door lock options availabe, door sensor and alarm option available
  • (2″) 50 mm stainless steel port – 25, 50, 100 mm access port options available
  • Shelf brackets that do not penetrate the chamber walls – brackets are molded into the inner chamber walls 2.8″ apart

ECO Controller

INCUCELL® incubators are equipped with BMT USA’s ECO controller, which utilizes fuzzy logic to assess process data, including operation temperature, chamber size, and other controlled elements. Based on the assessed data, the controller can make continuous adjustments to input values, such as heating intensity or cooling, to optimally regulate internal chamber conditions. With the goal of minimizing the time required to meet set process parameters, INCUCELL® incubators equipped with the ECO controller can quickly ramp up to the exact temperature set point without overshooting. The result is reduced overall cycle time, power consumption, and recovery times after opening the chamber door(s).
3″ LCD display
Fuzzy logic enabled microprocessor
9 programs each with up to 2 segments for varying loads and parameters up to 99 cycles
Real-time programming and cycling – optional temperature ramping settings
LED indicator of device operation
Constant monitoring of chamber conditions
USB port
RS 232 port
Optional Ethernet port
Delayed heating start & stop function
Digital safety thermostat
Acoustic and digital alarms
Keypad lock
optional integrated data logger for temperature measurement and recording