Natural Gravity Convection Microbiological Incubators​

INCUCELL® natural gravity convection microbiological incubators provide noiseless operation and gentle airflow along with exceptional temperature uniformity. The lack of a fan greatly reduces particle movement inside the chamber and makes INCUCELL® incubators ideal for the safe treatment of microbiological cultures.


Heat Technology:
Natural Gravity Convection System
Chamber Volumes:
22 (0.8 ft³) • 55 (2 ft³) • 111 (4 ft³) • 222 (8 ft³) • 404 (14.3 ft³) • 707 (25 ft³)
Temperature Range:
5°C above ambient up to 100°C
Chamber Construction:
AISI 304 Stainless Steel, Seamless
Control System:
ECO Digital Controller Enabled with Fuzzy Logic Algorithm
Electrical Data:
230V 60Hz
Regulatory Labels:
CE, UL, CSA listed