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Pure & Clean Steam Generators

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Food & Beverage
BMT USA’s Steam Generators are designed to provide Pure or Clean Steam and meet the US FDA cGMP guidelines. These units can be purchased as stand-alone units to be used as a central steam source for multiple applications or can be built-in to our Steam Sterilizers for an integral solution. BMT USA clean steam generators can be electrically heated or heated by steam to steam and can be designed and built to almost any size or capacity to meet your specific requirements.
Electric Clean Steam Generator

Electric Pure & Clean Steam Generator

Steam Generator utiilizing 316L stainless steel electric heating elements to produce pure and clean steam.

Steam to Steam Generator utilizes plant steam as the heating source

Steam-To Steam Pure & Clean Steam Generators

Steam Generator utilizing plant steam as a heating source to produce pure and clean steam.

Pure & Clean Steam Generator FAQs

A steam generator uitilizes either plant steam or electric heating elements to produce pure or clean steam that is free of additives, impurities, and other substances. The pure or clean steam that is produced by the steam generator can then be used for sterilizing equipment and media in the biotech, pharmaceutical, laboratory, and food and beverage processing industries.
Clean steam is free of any additives, impurities or substances and is suitable for sterilization applications. Pure steam undergoes further filtering through a steam separation device to ensure any remaining water droplets are stripped from the steam and drained out of the generator. When condensed, pure steam will meet water-for-injection standards.
Yes, both our electric heated and steam-to-steam pure and clean steam generators can be directly integrated into any of our GMP autoclaves and Sterilab autoclaves.
Yes, BMT USA offers steam generator solutions tailored to food and beverage applications, including beer keg sterilization. Contact us for more information and to discuss the best solution for your food and beverage application.
Yes, our steam generators are available in a wide range of capacities and can be custom designed and built to meet your exact requirements.
Yes, all our steam generators include a 1-year warranty on parts and labor. Extended parts and labor warranties are also available as an option.