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Vacuum Drying Ovens

Vacucell vacuum drying ovens are designed to dry temperature sensitive, easily decomposable or oxidative materials under careful vacuum. The ovens are equipped with the Servotherm direct heat transfer system, which utilizes aluminum brackets and shelving to conduct heat from the electrically heated chamber walls to the load. The units also offers the ability to evacuate air from the chamber with an inert gas connection. Vacucell devices can be connected to a central vacuum source or equipped with a BMT Vacustation to house a dedicated vacuum pump for a complete standalone system.

Technical Specifications

Working Temperatures

ECO: 5°C up to 200°C – unit will not heat until oxygen is completely evacuated from the chamber
EVO: 5°C up to 300°C – unit will not heat until oxygen is completely evacuated from the chamber

Heat Technology

Servotherm direct heat transfer shelving system

Chamber Volumes

22 (0.8 ft³)  •  55 (2 ft³)  •  111 (4 ft³)

Chamber Construction

ECO: AISI 304 stainless steel pressure resistant chamber
EVO: AISI 316 stainless steel pressure resistant chamber

Maximum Reachable Vacuum

<5.10-4 mbar/s

Vacuum Connection

DN mm (ISO KF) 16 + hose connection Ø 12 mm

Chamber Leakage

<5.10-3 mbar/s

Inert Gas Connection

Inert Gas Connection with needle valve for fine dosing

Control System

Fuzzy Logic enabled ECO digital controller or upgraded EVO advanced digital controller

Electrical Data

115V 50/60Hz – 230V option available

Regulatory Labels

CE, UL, CSA listed

Device Features & Optional Equipment

Automated Controls

The ECO & optional EVO digital controllers monitor real-time process data and automatically adjust input values to ensure optimal chamber conditions throughout the cycle.

Vacuum Pump Ready

Vacucell ovens can be connected to a central vacuum source or paired with a BMT Vacustaion for a complete standalone solution.

Durable Chamber

Pressure resistant, pharmaceutical-grade stainless steel chamber prevents corrosion and is easy to clean.

Servotherm Direct Heat Transfer System

Servotherm aluminum shelving brackets and shelves conduct heat from heating elements mounted to the exterior chamber walls and passes the heat directly to the load.

Easy Data Transfer & Monitoring

Integrated data logger, USB ports, and optional Ethernet or WiFi connectivity allow for seamless data transfer and real-time monitoring.

Built-in Safety Features

2cm thick, spring loaded ventiflex glass releases from its sealed position in the event of over-pressure to prevent a possible explosion.