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Climacell EVO

Large Volume CO2 Incubators + Humidity Control

Climacell EVO large volume CO2 incubators are designed to create accurate and reproducible conditions for cell growth procedures, tissue, virology, and other culturing procedures. The patented forced air convection system provides even temperature distribution throughout the chamber, while the drift-free infrared (IR) sensor provides maximum reliability and measurement precision during the entire incubation process. With the ability to control temperature, humidity, air-flow and CO2 concentration, the Climacell can accurately simulate a wide range of conditions with exact repeatability.
Climacell climate chambers with temperature and humidity control for ICH stability testing applications

Technical Specifications

Heat Technology

Patented forced air convection system

Sterilization Cycle

160°C dry heat sterilization

Working Temperatures

0°C up to 100°C   (10°C up to 95°C with humidity)

Controlled Humidity

10% up to 98% – controlled in 1% increments
  • Active dehumidification provides precise humidity control with uniformity of 2.5%

CO2 Concentration

0.1% up to 20%


R 134a

Chamber Volumes

222 (8 ft³)  •  404 (14.3 ft³)  •  707 (25 ft³)  •  1212 (43 ft³)

Chamber Construction

AISI 304 stainless steel chamber with seamless, rounded corner design – 316L stainless steel chamber option available


HEPA Filter on incoming CO2 gas tubing

Control System

Fuzzy Logic EVO advanced digital controller

Electrical Data

230V 50/60Hz

Regulatory Labels

CE, UL, CSA listed

Device Features & Optional Equipment

Pharmaceutical-Grade Stainless Steel Chamber

Climacell devices are equipped with a pharmaceutical grade AISI 304 stainless steel chamber with a double wall construction to prolong life expectancy. The inner chamber features a seamless, rounded corner design and is fully removable for easier cleaning and sterilization. The door of the chamber employs a patented 4-point closing system that seals the door to the chamber gasket and enables hands-free opening and closing.
  • AISI 304 stainless steel chamber – 316L stainless steel option available.
  • Double wall chamber construction with 5 layers of insulation for more uniform internal chamber conditions.
  • Removable inner chamber with seamless, rounded corner design for easier cleaning and sterilization.
  • (2″) 50 mm stainless steel port – (1″) 25, (2″) 50, (4″) 100 mm access port options available.
  • Shelf brackets that do not penetrate the chamber walls – brackets are molded into the inner chamber walls 2.8″ apart.
  • Inner glass door allows for viewing into the chamber without affecting internal conditions.
  • 4-point closing system that seals the door to the chamber gasket – automatic or key door lock options availabe, door sensor and alarm option available.