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Sterile Equipment

cGMP Steam & Terminal Sterilizers

Laboratory Steam Sterilizers

cGMP Pure & Clean Steam Generators

Sterile Equipment Catalog

Lytzen Depyrogenation Ovens

Laboratory Equipment

Scientific & laboratory Devices

ICH Stability & Photostability

Climacell ECO / EVO

ICH stability chambers

Climacell ECO / EVO

Shelf life chambers

Climacell ECO / EVO

Material testing chambers

Climacell EVO

Large capacity CO2 incubators

Friocell ECO / EVO

Cooling incubators & ICH stability chambers

Friocell ECO / EVO

Material testing chambers

Friocell EVO

Freeze-thaw chambers

Friocell ECO

Biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) incubators

Friocell EVO

Large capacity CO2 incubators


Gravity convection ovens


Gravity convection ovens, Interpon coated chamber


Validated dry heat sterilization ovens


Patented forced air convection ovens

Incucell & Incucell V

Microbiological incubators


Vacuum drying ovens


CO2 incubators


ISO 9001:2015 Certificate

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