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Climacell ECO & EVO (ICH)

Patented Forced Air Convection with Humidity

CLIMACELL® stability test chambers are designed to create exact reproducible simulations of a wide range of environmental conditions through precise control of temperature and humidity. CLIMACELL® test chambers are suitable for ICH Q1A stability testing of drug products and substances, material quality and durability testing, and shelf life studies. The CLIMACELL® also meets the requirements for ICH Q1B photostability studies when equipped with the EVO advanced controller and fully programmable fluorescent shelf lighting.


Heat Technology:
Patented Forced Air Convection System
Chamber Volumes:
111 (4 ft³) • 222 (8 ft³) • 404 (14.3 ft³) • 707 (25 ft³) • 1212 (43 ft³)
Temperature Range:
ECO: 0°C up to 100°C (10°C up to 95°C with humidity)
(optional -10°C minimum temp with automatic defrost)
EVO: 0°C up to 100°C (10°C up to 95°C with humidity)
(optional -20°C minimum temp with automatic defrost)
R 134a
Sterilization Cycle:
160°C dry heat sterilization (EVO Only)
Controlled Humidity:
ECO 10% up to 95% – controlled in 1% increments
EVO 10% up to 98% – controlled in 1% increments
  • Active dehumidification for precise humidity control as uniform as 2.5%
  • water tank with pump for water supply included
  • Wastewater vessel water pump to remove condensate
ICH Guidelines:
ICH Q1A stability
ICH Q1B Photostability – (EVO models with ICH Q1B lighting equipped only)
Control System:
Fuzzy Logic enabled ECO digital controller or upgraded EVO advanced digital controller
Chamber Construction:
AISI 304 Seamless Stainless Steel with rounded corners
ICH Q1B flourescent shelf lighting and door lighting options (EVO Only)
Electrical Data:
230V 50/60Hz
CE, UL, CSA listed