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Lytzen Depyrogenation Ovens

Lytzen cGMP dyprogenation ovens are capable of performing ISO 14644-1 Class 5 up to 280°C and class 7 up to 300 °C throughout the entire cycle without the need for temperature ramping. This is made possible thanks to a double-sealed chamber construction and filter suspension system. Lytzen depyrogenation ovens are environmentally safe and do not produce any pollution or waste. Both class 5 and class 7 dry heat sterilizers can be customized to meet your company’s specific needs for chamber sizes and capacity requirements.
Dry heat sterilization of pharmaceutical products, packaging, materials, equipment, and glassware
Dry heat sterilization of biologics, packaging, materials, equipment, glassware and linens


Class 5 Depyrogenation Ovens

ISO 14644-1 Class 5 up to 280 °C without ramping


Class 7 Depyrogenation Ovens

ISO 14644-1 Class 7 up to 300 °C without ramping

Depyrogenation Oven FAQs

A depyrogenation oven is a piece of equipment used in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry to sterilize contaminated items by means of dry heat at a specific temperature (typically 260°C – 300°C) for a controlled duration.
Lytzen depyrogenation ovens are mainly used to sterilize empty glass and metal containers, including ampoules, injection bottles, vials, and stainless steel equipment. Other applications include the sterilization of closed containers with low aqueous liquids and powder medicaments.
In general, a clean room is an enclosed space with equipment that controls the amount of particulate matter in the air by using air pressure and filters. ISO 14644-1 is a classification for clean rooms regulating the maximum particulate count per m3 as specified in the air cleanliness class. Lytzen Depyrogenation Ovens are able to achieve ISO 14644-1 Class 5 and Class 7 thanks to a unique chamber construction and filter suspension system.
Yes, the chamber can be custom designed and built to to meet your specific capacity requirements. Please contact us to discuss your Lytzen Depyrogenation Oven size requirements.
Yes, BMT USA offers custom stainless steel transfer trollesy, mobile racks, wire trays and cassettes to compliment any Lytzen Depyrogenation Oven.

Mobile racks are available with fixed or removable tray supports, and the height between the tray supports can be adjusted to match your load configuration. The mobile racks are also equipped with specialized wheels to withstand high temperatures without the need for lubrication.
Yes, Lytzen Depyrogenation Ovens include a standard 1-year warranty on parts and labor. An extended warranty for parts and labor is also available as an option.