Laboratory Steam Sterilizers - Autoclaves

BMT USA offers a range of compact, medium and bulk capacity laboratory steam sterilizers designed to meet the requirements of general laboratories to high-containment BSL-3 facilities. Extensive efforts have been made to offer features that enhance the efficiency, reliability, and serviceability of each sterilizer, including fully insulated 316L stainless steel chambers and piping systems, non-proprietary components, and sophisticated PLC or microprocessor control systems.
BMT Sterivap steam sterilizer being loaded with laboratory equipment to be decontaminated.

Ensuring the integrity and safety of laboratory research

Placed in laboratories and healthcare facilities across the globe, BMT USA steam sterilizers are the preferred choice of researchers and laboratory professionals who expect the highest quality, performance, and safety standards. Designed in accordance with Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) and featuring a wide range of configuration options, BMT USA steam sterilizers deliver reliable performance to protect against contamination and ensure the integrity and safety of your research.

BMT USA Sterilab Laboratory bulk capacity steam sterilizer


Fully Custom, Bulk Capacity Laboratory Steam Sterilizers

Fully custom laboratory sterilizers available in bulk capacities and featuring a cGMP-ready design to allow for upgrading anytime during construction or in the field.
Chamber Capacities:
8.8 ft3 up to 230+ ft3
BMT Sterivap large capacity laboratory steam sterilizer


Laboratory Steam Sterilizers

Sterilization of laboratory media and instruments across varying fields of research, including life science, medical research, food and beverage, and academia.
Chamber Capacities:
148L up to 2020L
Sterivap Slim Line Steam Sterilizer for Laboratories.

Sterivap SL

Slim Line Laboratory Steam Sterilizers

large-volume steam sterilizer with a small footprint for space savings. Designed for the sterilization of solid, porous and cavity materials.
Chamber Capacities:
160L up to 885L
BMT Unisteri swing door laboratory steam sterilizer


Compact Swing Door Laboratory Steam Sterilizers

Multi-purpose laboratory steam sterilizers with a compact footprint and swing door for optimized space and maximized value.
Chamber Capacities:
73L, 160L, 254L
Suitable Applications:


Sterilization of laboratory media, materials, equipment and glassware.

Food & Beverage

Sterilization of food products packaging and equipment.

Animal Science

Sterilization of animal diet, bedding and vivariums.

Laboratory Steam Sterilizer - Autoclave FAQs

A laboratory sterilizer – also commonly referred to as an autoclave – is an essential piece of equipment that utilizes pressurized steam to kill microorganisms, such as bacteria, viruses, and spores that may be present on laboratory instruments and materials. Laboratory sterilizers fulfill an important role in keeping laboratory researchers safe and ensuring the integrity of their work.
A laboratory sterilizer can be utilized to sterilize equipment and media used in laboratory research, including solid and liquid media, glass containers, metals, rubber goods, agars, textiles, and animal cages and bedding.
BMT USA’s Sterilab model sterilizers can be upgraded to any GMP features needed at the time of order or anytime later in the field. This lowers the initial investment while ensuring the usability of the sterilizer should requirements change. Sterivap and Unisteri model sterilizers do not support GMP features.
Standard chamber sizes for our laboratory sterilizers range from 8ft3 to more than 250ft3. For our Sterilab model sterilizers, we can also custom design and build a chamber to meet your specific space requirements. Please contact us for further details on standard or custom chamber sizes, as well as standard or custom exterior dimensions.
Yes, we can design and build custom trays, loading racks, perforated shelves, and carts to match your specific requirements.
Yes, all our laboratory sterilizers include a standard 1-year warranty on parts and labor, as well as a standard 15-year warranty for the chamber. An extended warranty for parts and labor is also available as an option.

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