Vacuum Drying Ovens

BMT vacuum drying ovens provide fast, gentle, and effective drying of flammable and non-flammable solvents. Other common applications include curing processes and accelerated ageing. Equipped with the patented Servotherm direct heat transfer system, BMT vacuum ovens efficiently heat the load via conduction, preventing reactions and the buildup of residue. Sophisticated microprocessor controls enable complete control of all process parameters to ensure accurate results. 

Rapid and gentle drying with precise vacuum control

BMT vacuum ovens are the right choice for laboratories, research centers, and manufacturers who require precise vacuum control with fast heating times and gentle drying. Featuring  Servotherm aluminum shelves and intelligent microprocessor controls, BMT vacuum ovens efficiently transfer heat to the load while continuously analyzing and maintaining parameters. The result is effective drying, curing or ageing without damaging sensitive materials.


Vacuum Drying Ovens

Temperature Range:
ECO: Ambient + 5°C up to 200°C
EVO: Ambient + 5°C up to 300°C
Common Applications:


Removal of solvents from powders and chemicals.


Removal of solvents from granules, compounds and powders. Drying combustible substances and powders.


Material quality and durability testing. Curing of materials, resins, and polymers.


Quality and durability testing of components. Drying seals and ageing. 

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