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Vacuum Ovens

BMT USA vacuum drying ovens are designed for removing moisture from temperature sensitive, easily decomposable or oxidative materials that must be gently dried under vacuum. The patented Servotherm direct heat transfer system conducts heat via aluminum shelving directly to the media or solvents for quick, safe and effective drying. BMT vacuum ovens can be connected to a central vacuum source or equipped with a BMT Vacustation for a complete stand alone system.
Drying off solvents from granules, compounds and powders – drying combustible substances and powders
Quality and durability testing of aerospace components – drying seals and ageing
Removal of solvents from powders and chemicals
Quality and durability testing of industrial materials

Vacucell ECO & EVO

Vacuum Drying Oven​

Temperature Range:
ECO: 5°C above ambient up to 200°C
EVO: 5°C above ambient up to 300°C
Chamber Volumes:
22 (0.8 ft³) • 55 (4 ft³) • 111 (4 ft³)
Control System:
Fuzzy Logic enabled ECO digital controller or upgraded EVO advanced digital controller