Sterilizer Accessories & Optional Equipment

Validation Flange

BMT USA’s validation flange allows for individually sealing each thermocouple lead wire. By individually sealing the wires, significantly less time is required to replace installed wires in the event of a single thermocouple failure. The seals of surrounding thermocouples are also undisturbed during wire replacement. BMT USA’s validation flange is available for 16 or 24 load probes and can be attached to 1 ½” or 2” tri-clamp validation ports (Custom sizes available upon request).

Sterilizer Trays

For the sterilization of vials and other materials that require special handling, BMT USA can custom design and manufacture trays and boxes in a configuration that best suits the load to be sterilized and maximizes the capacity of your sterilizer. Our trays and boxes are constructed from 316L stainless steel and finished to your requirements.

Sterilizer Transfer Trolleys

Transfer carriages provide a stable platform for moving the loading cart within the work area up to the sterilizer at the height of the chamber. The loading cart is locked to the transfer trolley when away from the sterilizer and is only released when the trolley is locked to the sterilizer chamber. The transfer trolley rails mate up evenly to the chamber rails for a smooth transition from the trolley to the chamber. The trolleys are also equipped with laboratory ready wheels with smooth travel.

Sterilizer Loading Carts

Loading carts designed for loading materials, containers, and equipment into the sterilizer chamber by means of either a transfer trolley for floor mounted sterilizers or directly from the facility floor for pit mounted sterilizers.

The loading carts are constructed from 316L stainless steel with stainless steel wheels when loaded from a transfer trolley and non-marking sterilizable wheels for pit-mounted sterilizers. The loading carts are available in standardized designs with height adjustable shelves or can be customized to meet your specific load requirements.

Heated Air Option

When hard to dry materials such as rubber stoppers or double wrapped bags are sterilized, it can be difficult to ensure the moisture is removed. The heated air option can be used as a pre-conditioner of the pre-sterilized load and to assist in drying after the sterilization exposure step is complete. The chamber air passes through the electrically heated heat exchanger through a 0.2-micron filter and into the chamber to assist in the drying phase.

Clean Steam Conductivity Monitor and Sample Port System

The Clean Steam Conductivity Monitor and sample port system is fully integrated into the sterilizer or a standalone steam generator and includes a condenser, conductivity meter and probe installed on the pure steam outlet. A pure steam sample port enables the ability to obtain a condensed sample of the steam to be used for quality testing.

Steam Separator

Steam separator option for removing pyrogens from clean steam to produce pure steam. The steam separator is attached to the outlet at the top of the pressure vessel. As steam enters the separator, it is forced to quickly change directions in rapid succession, stripping away any impurities or remaining moisture in the process. The stripped impurities are then led to drain out of the separator while the resulting pure steam continues down the line. When condensed, the pure steam meets Water-for-Injection standards.
Steam Sterilizer Seismic Leveling Feet

Seismic Leveling Feet

Adjustable seismic leveling feet ensure the sterilizer sits level on uneven surfaces. A ball joint between the leveling screw and the base allow the foot to pivot 360° for proper positioning. The ball joint also enables the foot the be adjusted without having to lift the entire unit. The feet also include holes for bolting the sterilizer to the floor for improved security and safety during a potential seismic event.

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