Dry Heat Sterilization Ovens

BMT USA dry heat sterilization ovens utilize a patented forced air convection system that reduces heating time and provides uniform heat distribution throughout the chamber for effective sterilization of glassware, stainless steel, devices, and media. The ovens are available in various chamber sizes, as well as clean room compatible 2-door pass-through models to meet the exact requirements of pharmaceutical, biotech, laboratory, and industrial applications.
Sterilization of glassware, devices and media – installation in laboratory clean rooms.
Sterilization of pharmaceutical glassware, devices, and media. Installation in clean rooms.
Life Sciences
Life science, biology and microbiology sterilization of glassware, devices, and media.


Validated Dry Heat Sterilization Ovens​

Temperature Range:
Preset validated sterilization cycles @ 160°C, 170°C, and 180°C
Chamber Volumes:
22 (0.8 ft³) • 55 (4 ft³) • 111 (4 ft³) • 222 (8 ft³) • 404 (143 ft³)
Control System:
Fuzzy Logic enabled ECO digital controller

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