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BMT USA implements new photoelectric door sensors on GMP steam sterilizers, improving operator safety

BMT USA has always been a company that values top quality products that are reliable and safe to use. Now in keeping with those values, BMT USA has taken the next step in ensuring that our GMP steam sterilizers are the safest to use on the market. With the introduction of new door sensors in all of their sterilizers, BMT USA is able to offer a safer product that also requires significantly less maintenance.

Before, the door sensors consisted of a spring loaded mechanism that only activated after pressure from a object or body part was applied to a plate fashioned along the side of the door. With BMT USA’s new door sensors, there is no longer any mechanical parts or a need for anything to come into contact with door for the sensors to activate. Instead, a photoelectric sensor on the door casts a beam of light across to a reflector mounted on the opposite side of the chamber door . If the light beam is interrupted, the sensor instantly switches states and sends an electronic input to the logic in the PLC, which signals the door to stop closing and reopen.

By eliminating the need for contact with the door for activation, along with the numerous mechanical parts required for the old style door sensors, BMT USA has created a safer to use product that requires less maintenance.

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