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Introducing The All New Friocell EVO Temperature Control Incubator

The newest member of the FRIOCELL® line has arrived… the FRIOCELL EVO. Delivering BMT’s quality, value and performance standard. The all new FRIOCELL EVO is sure to be the best solution for those requiring a temperature control incubator.

The high technical standard of the FRIOCELL® line allows precise uniformity. The FRIOCELL EVO temperature range is 0° C up to 100°C with an option of -20°C. The unique cooling system reduces the potential of samples drying out.

Because of its versatility, the FRIOCELL® line is able to offer uses in the fields of bio-tech, botany, zoology, food science, cosmetics, chemistry, the beverage industry, and more. The FRIOCELL® Line excels in these diverse industries thanks to its extremely short ramp times and short recovery times.

Thanks to the advanced design and components, the FRIOCELL® EVO has numerous communications options such as Wi-Fi and Ethernet. The base communication platform configuration offers the RS 232 communication port along with an SD card. The device can be easily configured with a Wi-Fi 802.11b/g module (100 meters range), USB host for bi-directional communication and for remote connection there is the Ethernet (RJ 45) connection. An IP address allows easy connection to a PC or selected Wi-Fi printer or devices such as a Smartphone, or tablet. Thanks to the open platform it is also possible to configure a remote connection to monitor data, events and alarms.