Product Announcement

Introducing the all new Friocell EVO cooling incubator

The newest member of the Friocell line has arrived with the Friocell EVO cooling incubator. Engineered and bult to BMT’s quality, value and performance standards, the all new Friocell EVO is the perfect solution for laboratories and research centers that require temperature-controlled incubators.

The high technical standard of the Friocell line allows precise uniformity with working temperatures of 0°C up to 100°C, with an option of -20°C. Additionally, a unique cooling ensure that samples are not dried out during cooling.

Because of its versatility and short ramping and recovery times, the Friocell line is an ideal solution for incubation and testing applications in biotech, botany, zoology, food science, cosmetics, chemistry, and more.

The Friocell EVO is available with a range of communications options, including a Wi-Fi 802.11b/g module (100 meters range), USB host for bi-directional communication and and an Ethernet connection for remote communications. An IP address allows easy connection to a PC, Wi-Fi printer and a smartphone or tablet. Thanks to the open platform it is also possible to configure a remote connection for real-time monitoring of data, events and alarms.

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