Fan-less Direct Heat System with Drift Free IR Sensors


  • Embryo cultivation
  • Microbiological samples cultivation Cell culture growth
  • Cancer research
  • Pharmaceutical drug structure testing


CO2Cell incubators are focused on constant and repeatable conditions for cell growth, tissue, and other culture procedures. This is achieved with a fan-less direct heat system that heats every chamber wall separately and provides precise control of temperature inside the chamber, virtually eliminating cross contamination, condensation, and vibration. CO2Cell incubators are equipped with a sealed inner glass door, allowing for the inspection of samples without affecting conditions within the chamber. Drift free IR sensors provide improved reliability and precise measurements throughout the cycle, while offering quicker recovery times after opening the chamber door.

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CO2Cell Incubators

Chamber Sizes & Construction

6-sided, 3 circuit (door, bottom/water pan, sides/top/back) fan-less direct heat system virtually eliminates cross contamination, condensation, and vibration

Benefits of a Fan-Less Incubator

  • Easier to clean and significantly reduced risk of contamination
  • No turbulent airflow that may easily spread contamination introduced into the chamber
  • Zero vibration – eradicates any possibility of cell edging effect
  • Minimizes water loss due to evaporation – less risk of sample evaporation and possible desiccation
  • Considerably more usable space due to the lack of ducting or built-in HEPA filters in front of the fan
  • No fan maintenance or HEPA filter replacement required

Chamber Construction

CO2Cell incubators are equipped standard with a pharmaceutical grade AISI 304 stainless steel chamber or an AISI 316 stainless steel chamber in Comfort model incubators. The inner chamber features a seamless, rounded corner design with removable shelving and shelf brackets for easier cleaning and sterilization. A heated inner glass door prevents the build-up of condensation and allows for view samples without affecting internal chamber conditions.
  • STANDARD Model – AISI 304 stainless steel chamber
  • COMFORT Model – AISI 316 stainless steel chamber
  • Heated inner glass door eliminates condensation and allows for viewing of samples without affecting conditions inside the chamber
  • Seamless, rounded corner chamber design for easier cleaning & sterilization
  • (1″) 25 mm stainless steel access port
  • Removable shelves and shelf racks for ease of cleaning

Infrared Drift Free CO2 Sensor

All BMT CO2Cell incubators are equipped with a Vaisala drift free infrared CO2 sensor to provide accurate CO2 measurements at all times, ensuring samples are always culturing at the correct CO2 concentration levels. The drift free CO2 sensor also eliminates the need for additional auto-referncing/zeroing of the sensor to prevent drifting of the CO2 calibration.

CO2Cell Chamber Sizes

  • 50 (1.71 ft³)
  • 190 (6.71 ft³)

Control Panel

CO2Cell® incubators are offered with Standard and Comfort microprocessor controls, each equipped with varying features to match your specific use case and budget.


  • (2) LED number displays
  • Continuous indication of actual temperature and CO2 concentration
  • Audible and visual alarm
  • Automatically programmable infrared drift free CO2 sensor
  • Independent safety thermostat


  • LCD color touch display
  • Continuous indication of actual temperature, CO2 concentration, time, and alarm limits
  • Audio and visual alarms
  • Automatically programmable infrared drift free CO2 sensor
  • Independent safety thermostat
  • SD card system – data saved in MS Excel format
  • RS 232 port, BMS relay alarm contact
  • Real-time logging of data and events with automatically generated data charts
  • Secure permissions-based user authentication (5 users, 1 admin)

200°C Sterilization Cycle

CO2Cell incubators have been independently evaluated for the effectiveness of its 200°C sterilization cycle against all spores and bacteria commonly associated with possibly being present in laboratory incubators. The cycle was proven effective against Geobacillus stearothermophilus spores, Aspergillus spores, and Bacillus atrophaeus spores. The equipped IR drift free CO2 sensor does not need to be removed during the 200°C sterilization cycle.