BMT USA Multiple Thermocouple Feed Through for Steam Sterilizer Validation Announcement BMT USA Multiple Thermocouple Feed-Through for Steam Sterilizer Validation BMT USA’s new multiple thermocouple feed-through technology allows for the individual sealing of each thermocouple lead wire when chamber mapping a steam sterilizer for validation. In instances of an already sealed and installed single thermocouple failure, replacement can be done fast and easy without […]

Lytzen Class 5 Depyrogenation Oven Operation and Features Announcement Lytzen Class 5 depyrogenation oven operation and features Lytzen, the worlwide leader of batch dry heat Depyrogenation processes for sterile clean rooms, recently released a new video presentation covering the operation and advanced features of the Lytzen Class 5 Depyrogenation oven.

Introducing The All New Friocell EVO Temperature Control Incubator

Product Announcement Introducing the all new Friocell EVO cooling incubator The newest member of the Friocell line has arrived with the Friocell EVO cooling incubator. Engineered and bult to BMT’s quality, value and performance standards, the all new Friocell EVO is the perfect solution for laboratories and research centers that require temperature-controlled incubators. The high […]

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